About STROAP...

Stroap is the name of a product that we have not finalized yet… seemed to be a little more difficult than expected. We will get back to that later, when the time is right.

For now we want to focus on offering fun and delicious products, for people who watch their food intake.

We developed our own products, co-operate with suppliers that are open to set new standard, and aim to stay upfront with products that are not yet available in our market, or can be improved. And we want to enjoy these ourselves, so they should be right in taste and texture.

Read more about what we do to give back to the community.
Copied from the US, we want to give back as well.
That can be done in many ways.

Follow our projects under 'give back'.

Our Cocoa product are Rainforest Alliance certified in this way we contribute to good working conditions for employees throughout the chain and against deforstation.

Packaging is always difficult. You need it to protect your products, on the other hand you do not want to harm the environment. Look at the packaging how to recycle it.

We are a young company and open to feedback. Let us have your ideas, remarks or questions via the contact form.

Working at Stroap

Would you like to apply for a job at Stroap? Have a look at the below vanancies or send an open application to: info@stroap.nl.

– no vacancies currently –